Woman of Courage Award

This award recognizes women who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in empowerment, often at personal risks.

Volunteer Award

This award recognizes women who are engaged in voluntary service benefiting the community and/ or

Diversity Award

This award recognizes women that promote ethnic diversity within their own workforce as well as promoting a greater understanding of diversity within the community.

Youth Leadership Award

This award recognizes young women who have made contributions to their community, family and school, as well as exemplify leadership and community services values.

Arts & Culture Award

This award recognizes women flourishing in the world of performing and visual arts, arts management, creative writing, on-screen arts, and promoting of the arts.

Entrepreneur Award

This award recognizes women who have started their own business; women who have shown the entrepreneurial spirit and the power to market and create jobs.

Academia Award

This award recognizes women who have trained and are qualified in their chosen educational practice, and have become a leading educator. This award is opened to all areas of education.

Humanitarian Ambassador Award

This award recognizes the remarkable and inspiring work women are doing within this area. This is open to candidates either doing work within their local area, regionally or at a national level.

Academic Award

This award recognizes students
with strong academic records
and who are leaders in school
and the community.

Entertainment Award

This award recognizes the talent
of rising stars across all aspects
of entertainment.

Women in Business Award

This award recognizes business
women thriving in small, medium sized
or large corporations, independently
owned or part of the public/charity sector.

Role Model Award

This award recognizes women who have contributed something special, have demonstrated positive leadership, and are a good influence to their peers and others. This woman is a role model within her community.

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award honours living individuals who have “made a difference.” The award provides special recognition to individuals who have provided outstanding service over a sustained period of years in their endeavors and community.

Women in Media Award

This award recognizes women working in the area of broadcast, print or electronic media. From front-line journalism to production and technical, we are looking for women who have made a significant contribution to the success of the media company they work for or their personal media brand.

Community Development Award

This award recognizes the outreach efforts of women who have made a significant impact in her community. The award honours women for their commitment to improving the lives of the people they serve. The awardee is also recognized for exceptional efforts in the areas of rural economic development, education, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Changing Lives Award

A woman who is making a vast difference in the lives of members of their community,
country or on a global front. Through the effort of this leader, lives are enriched and changed.