About Us

IWAA is held during the International Women’s month of March. It celebrates and honours the accomplishments and contributions of women in world-wide community development. Women who have excelled in different spheres of life. The ceremony underscores the paramount role played by women in society while appreciating their attitudes, initiatives, will-power and perseverance. These are women who have distinguished themselves as prominent citizens, who displayed a strong mettle and capability to perform well in any field of endeavour.

The purpose of IWAA is to empower young women, so they too can reach their goals. The IWAA brings together women from across the globe and recognizes their accomplishments.

Our Goal

To facilitate a global award ceremony for women of all culture, nationality and ethnicity. This ceremony will serve as tribute to these women to celebrate their work, their life and their contribution to society. By doing this, we will empower young women, so they too can reach their goals.

Our Vision

The vision is to be the premier international awards show; to pave the way through collaboration and inclusion, by engaging people, organizations, and governments in the celebration of women’s accomplishments.